Valtteri Bottas’ pace collapsed – Viaplay revealed what the team did

The Finn’s expectations for tomorrow’s race are not high.

Valtteri Bottas beat his teammate, but otherwise there was nothing to praise about the pace. PDO

Valtteri Bottas admits that he was disappointed with his pace in the qualifying sessions for the Singapore GP.

Alfa Romeo’s Finnish driver qualified as the first car in the Q1 section. Starting square 16 can still not be considered a big mistake.

Even on Friday, Alfa’s pace seemed to be okay. However, the performance collapsed bluntly on Saturday.

Bottas said in an interview with Viaplay that the team made changes during the night.

– I felt better yesterday. We had to change the car settings from yesterday. With the ride heights we drove yesterday, we wouldn’t be able to get to the finish line legally, Bottas described.

With this, the Finnish driver was referring to the rule that controls the wear of the wooden plate on the bottom of the F1 car. If it has been ground too thin at the time of the competition, there is a chance of rejection.

– We had to raise the car (ground clearance) and as a result the grip was lost.

Bottas does not want to give his verdict on the new updates yet.

– In Suzuka, we get more out of them. It’s a shame, Bottas said.

According to the Finnish driver, credit for the car was tough at times. It just simply didn’t come off more this time.

– Downforce was lost with the changes. The car skidded more. It was all about the little things today, the gaps ahead were small. Too bad.

Bottas doesn’t expect anything mind-blowing from Sunday night.

– Long day ahead, Bottas laughed.

– It is not going to be easy. The speed we have is pretty much the same as a few around us. Of course we’ll do our best. Let’s see what happens. Let’s try to take advantage of the situations, Bottas clarified the war plan.

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