Valentine’s Day: here’s why you celebrate it with your children

SValentine’s Day it can be aeducational opportunity for children. It seems a bit paradoxical, yet the day dedicated to celebrating the couple can be transformed into a pedagogical act. According to a survey by Today Show, historic American morning television program broadcast on NBC, who surveyed 1,500 people, only 59% of spouses planned to give their partner a gift. Instead, well the85% of parents organized to give their children a gift on February 14th. A new habit that definitely clashes with the idea of ​​lovers, out for dinner with glasses of wine and lobster. But for those who have a “functional” family, that is, healthy relationships between the various members, it can contain many beautiful surprises. As long as you book a table for two one of the following evenings.

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Valentine’s Day, not just for mom and dad

Considering the effort that parents almost always make in carving out an exclusive moment for themselves and even more so for the couple, what emerges from this research may seem incomprehensible. If even the symbolic day of love is celebrated with children, what and how much does the couple have left? Goodbye intimacy, romance, eroticism? Absolutely not, the idea is to dedicate some attention and moments to share the meaning of love with your children, and then set aside dinner or after-dinner time with your partner. Or put it off until the next evening.

The advantages of a Valentine’s Day shared with your children

«Spending Valentine’s Day with your children offers the opportunity to experience some quality time together. Although it is essential to reserve time and space just for the couple, sharing the “celebration of love” with children can foster that necessary sense of inclusion in a “love bubble” and turn into a special memory“, explains Zeola Fernandes, Special Needs Educator and Master in Clinical Psychology.

A healthy couple model

If there are no tensions in the couple and they are not going through a difficult period, the idea of ​​celebrating February 14th with the family can bring many advantages for the psychological and emotional growth of the little ones. «One of the main advantages of spending Valentine’s Day with your children is that it allows you to model healthy relationship behaviors. Through gestures like the gift and the do something for each other, children can learn to express your feelings observing the reference adults and understanding the importance of sympathy and of theempathy. Such involvement can have a positive impact on their perception of future relationships and contribute to strengthen family ties“, explains Zeola Fernandes.
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No pretending

This approach may turn up the nose of many couple therapists, who generally point to the possibility of taking time without children as a precious resource for finding intimacy, not just physical. But if you don’t feel the need to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a couple, and you have a sincere desire to transform it into an educational experience for your childrenHe can have very positive effects on the whole family. Starting from the little ones, generally excluded from this occasion.

There is no need to rush to buy expensive gifts, perhaps at the last moment and with the stress of haste that affects many parents. The opposite effect would be obtained. Small things are enough, perhaps prepared together to make a surprise. Celebrating Valentine’s Day in a simple but authentic way, together with your partner and children, can become a… good example to share with the little ones, to make them feel that they are surrounded by love.

5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with kids

Here are some simple ideas for preparing a Valentine’s Day to celebrate with children, in a fun and engaging way, to put some good memories in the memory drawer.

1. Explain to children that there are many types of love, not just romantic love. It’s important to be a role model for them and show that love exists in all ways and can be expressed to friends, family and partners.

2. Create and exchange Valentine’s Day cards together. It’s a fun and creative way to spend time as a family, and it produces both a keepsake and a gift as a result.

3. Prepare a love-themed menu. Any examples? Strawberry tarts, heart-shaped cakes or biscuits, chocolates to make quickly and put in the fridge. Cooking with children creates a fun tradition that engages them and encourages learning new skills.

4. Do an activity that demonstrates love for others. Everyone can express love and care in different ways, from a kind verbal phrase to a gesture of courtesy. Showing it to a child is a way to teach him how to express himself. Even simply helping a neighbor can be a great way to show this.

5. Buy the children a small gift. Giving gifts is a language of love, even a small love-themed object to be carefully preserved is enough.