09/26/2022 at 09:39


    It seems that the operating system is suffering from a major problem in terms of autonomy

    However, it is not known if this will be fixed over time or via a software update.

    iOS 16 is only two weeks into its final phase of development and users are complaining from a constant draining of your battery that has totally destroyed your user experience. In general, it was thought that it would be something transitory, but two weeks later the bug has still not been tackled.

    “The battery consumption is much higher than usual. I work in the office and I don’t use my 13 PM much during the day, nothing has changed in my behavior. With iOS 15, most of the time I came home with a 85 % – 90% battery. With iOS 16 it is between 65% – 75%. That is, in my opinion, A LOT when I hardly use my phone” explained a user to 9to5Mac, who has reported this error.

    It’s normal that when you update your iPhone to a higher version the battery will drop for a few days until it calibrates. iOS works in the background to reindex files, photos, apps, and more, so the battery takes a hit that we don’t really see working in the background when running the brand new version of iOS. However, it seems that this time it is not.

    The aforementioned medium conducted a survey of its users and 63% of users have noticed this impact on their battery life: “The battery of 13 pro max drains like crazy. It went from 11-12hrs SOT to only 7hrs and it lags like hell when I do facetime or PiP, it just lags overall. I know it takes a few days for the phone to go back to normal, but it’s been almost a week now. I’m contemplating going back to 15.7 but might need some feedback first.”