Fan series for the 2nd league

    With the help of the community, Transfermarkt will take a detailed look at the 56 teams in the Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2 and Bundesliga 3 in the coming weeks. Which players are the fans looking forward to the most, where is there room for improvement and what is in the squad for 2022/23 for your favorite club? For this we asked around in the forums and picked up assessments – in league two the series ends with user “Vollmilch” and SSV Jahn Regensburg.

    How do you rate the squad of SSV Jahn Regensburg?

    The squad has been decent so far, albeit with room for improvement and the question marks typical of Jahn conditions. A few regular players left, which one – so one believes every year in the Upper Palatinate – can hardly be replaced. Alexander Meyer, Jan-Niklas Beste, Carlo Boukhalfa, Max Besuschkow, Erik Wekesser … almost half of the starting eleven from last season have joined a new club. The newcomers are promising, but – like every year – first have to prove that they can close the gaps. In contrast to the Keller era, the commitments of sports director Roger Stilz are peppered with higher-class experience. But the question is: is that enough?

    The returnees Joshua Mees and Maximilian Thalhammer have already proven their qualities and can easily replace the departures. The successful start to the season underscores that. Keeper Dejan Stojanovic was relegated to FC Ingolstadt in 2004 without a murmur and has hardly been able to establish himself as a permanent goalkeeper in his previous positions. And striker Prince Osei Owusu has just two goals in almost 50 second division games. The talented Christian Viet and Minos Gouras have to make the leap from the 3rd division to the 2nd division. Here, for example, it remains open whether the departures can be compensated for in the long term. The advantage is that the team knows this situation from previous years and can make up for the lack of individual quality with team unity.

    Where do you still see a need for improvement before Deadline Day?

    Above all, the left-back position is still open, also a typical situation in Regensburg. So far, no replacement has been signed for Erik Wekesser, but the market has also been emptied. The makeshift alternative with striker Oscar Schönfelder, who held this position in preparation, is now also out with a cruciate ligament tear. Leon Guwara is playing here at the moment, but he was behind Wekesser for most of the past season, and not without reason.

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    Another problem is that there is no backup. If Guwara is also absent, there will be no regular left-back in the team. So there is an urgent need for a commitment here, even if – like every year – it comes down to a loan. In defensive midfield, the second row is still too thin, a loss of Benedikt Gimber or Maximilian Thalhammer could not be compensated at the moment.

    How do you expect the team to perform in terms of play?

    Little will change in appearance. The Jahnelf will continue to play variable pressing and try to solve the actions quickly and playfully. It is important that the newcomers quickly accept and, above all, execute their roles. Above all, the wingers and the center are important for the fast switching game. If they don’t work, it will look like in the second half of the season as if the team had no plan for the offensive – and the points are missing in addition to an unsightly game.

    What’s in it for the entire season for SSV Jahn Regensburg?

    Relegation has been the goal for five years, and nothing will change this year either. And even if the SSV still has the least financial resources: Relegation is possible! Also as confident as last season, which wasn’t much fun with only two wins in the second half of the season and the fall from 5th to 15th place, but ended with a full eight points ahead of the relegation place without any real worries about relegation. The squad this season is also currently able to play a carefree season and level off in the lower midfield.

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