US House of Representatives votes out controversial George Santos

The US House of Representatives voted out controversial Republican lawmaker George Santos on Friday. That American media report. Santos, who is suspected of money laundering, theft of public money and making false statements, has to leave because more than two-thirds of parliamentarians no longer want him back in the House. 311 parliamentarians voted in favor of his departure and 114 against, despite the Republicans having a small majority of 222 seats.

Santos, a representative from New York state, came under pressure for his scandals almost immediately after entering the House. He turned out to have lied about a large part of his resume and was also arrested on charges of fraud and tampering with campaign money. He is alleged to have defrauded his donors, among other things, by debiting money from their credit cards without permission. Santos has always denied the allegations.

The House also voted on Santos’ impeachment a month ago, but the two-thirds majority necessary for a departure was not yet there. Because many more Republicans, 105 in total, voted against Santos on Friday, he now has to leave. Santos is only the sixth lawmaker to be expelled from the House in the history of the United States. Due to Santos’ departure, the governor of New York must call elections to send a replacement to Washington within 90 days.