Upside Down not on RTL 4 but Videoland: ‘Suits Videoland audience’ | Show

The program Upside Down which was initially going to be broadcast on RTL 4, now only appears on Videoland. The entertainment program, which was recorded months ago, is presented by Edson da Graça.

It is the first time that a major studio program is only available on RTL’s streaming service. Wednesday is the first of a total of eight episodes. “We have been seeing for some time that entertainment shows such as The Floor and The Jump not only on RTL 4, but also on Videoland. That is why we have now decided to Upside Down can be streamed exclusively at Videoland,” a spokesperson said. “We strongly believe in the program and think it fits perfectly with the Videoland audience.”

In this feel-good family show, two teams of Dutch celebrities compete in a studio that is literally turned upside down. In Upside Down famous Dutch people bring their families, such as Daphne Deckers and Rick Paul van Mulligen, after which everything revolves around the theme ‘upside down’. Not only has the studio set been rotated 180 degrees, but the knowledge of the two teams is also used. For example, can they see whether a photo is upside down or not? The teams are presented with quiz questions, but they also carry out physical assignments. Upside Down was developed and produced by EndemolShine Netherlands.

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The studio of Upside Down with © EndemolShine Netherlands

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