Unrest in Beerta about the reception of ex-detainees. The Forsa Foundation must once again explain to residents what the minor criminals are doing

The Forsa Foundation must once again explain to the residents of Beerta what exactly it plans to do with the reception of ex-detainees in the former village hall De lemekörf, in the immediate vicinity of the public primary school De Uilenburcht.

The foundation’s plans were leaked earlier this year. Even then there was unrest among the population and, above all, a lot of uncertainty about what the reception of ex-detainees entails. A small group of Beertsters was present on Wednesday afternoon to be informed.

“We now know that this concerns a maximum of twelve people aged 18 and over. And it concerns people with a mild intellectual disability,” says Peter Wijsbeek, chairman of Dorpsbelangen Beerta. The representative of the foundation said that two people have now been temporarily accommodated in De Iemekörf. There is currently no shelter available.

Punishment has already been served

“These minor criminals, who have completed their sentences, are being prepared for a return to society by employees of the foundation. They receive advice on how to do housekeeping or accounting. The main point is that they regain rhythm for life in society,” Wijsbeek outlines.

Wijsbeek has urged the foundation to explain to a broader audience what the foundation stands for, what it does and especially what kind of ex-detainees come to Beerta. That request is being met.

Meeting in church

On November 14 there will be a meeting in the church of Beerta. There is certainly room for two to three hundred people. It is expected that there will be a lot of interest, because the theme is alive in the village. “I have not noticed much support so far. There is a lot of uncertainty and fear.”

According to the zoning plan, it is permitted to provide care in the former village hall. The question is whether the Beertsters can stop the foundation.