United States | Control of the US House of Representatives depends on the votes of 16 seats

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The Republicans have an advantage over the Democrats of 214 votes in favor and 205 against, of the total of 435

control of the lower house of USA is resolved in 16 constituenciesthe majority on the West Coast, where the votes from last week’s midterm elections are still being counted this Monday.

According to the latest US media projections, Republicans have an advantage over Democrats, with 214 votes in favor and 205 againstof the total of 435.

The counting of votes in the largest district of Alaska, two from Arizona -where there are some 290,000 votes to be counted-, ten from California, two from Colorado, one in Maine, one in New Mexico, one from New York and one from Oregon.

The results of some of those states, such as those on the west coast, are taking time to be known due to the high volume of registered postal votes in the elections on November 8.

Most states have systems to verify signatures on vote-by-mail ballots that are slowing down the process.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, in the past, slow counting in key states was one of the objectives of the disinformation campaign in the 2020 presidential elections.

In fact, they provided an excuse to the now ex-president Donald Trump (2017-2020) and his allies to affirm without evidence that the ballots for voting by mail had been stolen, a modality used mostly by voters of President Joe Biden.

The results of the federal Senate were known on Saturday, when the projections of the main US media gave the victory to the Democrats.

Biden’s party won control of the Upper House with 50 seatsafter the victory of legislator Catherine Cortez Masto in the key state of Arizona.