UNIQLO trend study | Clothing influences our well-being

The Japanese textile company UNIQLO and the market research institute Appinio conducted a representative survey in Germany with 1000 participants on the subject of fashion. Among other things, it was examined how clothing can influence mood and well-being, which characteristics are particularly important and how fashion can give us a feeling of strength and self-determination on a bad day.

Sporty, casual and discreet – this is how the participants describe their clothing style
Most people – both women and men – describe their own style of clothing as sporty, timeless and discreet. On the other hand, according to their own statements, only 26% of those surveyed dress unusually or extravagantly, and around a third of the participants would describe their style as elegant and noble, with the younger ones (Generation Z and Millennials) tending towards such a style of clothing more than the older ones.

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The choice of colors indicates the inner emotional world
When it comes to color choices, most respondents are convinced that their mood can influence the color of their clothes. The majority assume that their mood influences the color choices of their clothes. On the other hand, 20% think that the color of their clothes influences their mood.