Unemployed trainer Reinier Robbemond in De Aftrap: “It’s one big mess at home now”

Naturally, a lot of attention was paid to the situation at FC Volendam in De Aftrap, but a non-club trainer also spoke. Reinier Robbemond was recently thrown out by Willem II and is now looking for a new job. When asked whether his wife likes that he is home a lot now, Robbemond jokes: “No comment, haha.”

Robbemond was fired from Tilburg at the beginning of September and has been at home since then. “I regularly hear: please go back to work,” says the Heerhugowaarder. Now he has time to do odd jobs around the house and is busy in the bathroom. “It’s one big mess now.”

Henk de Boer also joined De Aftrap. As spokesperson for Hekside, the supporters’ association of FC Volendam, he zoomed in on the sentiment at the club. “It is a very complex situation with two truths, only there is a difference in vision.”

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