Unbelievable! The goalkeeper scored a goal in the Champions League

Atlético lost their win over Lazio in dramatic fashion.

Lazio’s Ciro Immobile (center) fought with Atlético’s Pablo Barrios and Axel Witsel (right) for the ball. PDO

On Tuesday, we saw a very rare decision for a Champions League match, when Lazio’s goalkeeper Ivan Provedel rose to the top in the extra time given by the referee in a corner kick situation.

The away team Atlético couldn’t get the ball down properly, so Luis Alberto sent a strong curling cross and Provedel headed the ball nicely past his colleague Jan Oblak’s.

The goalkeeper also played a major role in Manchester. There, the red star of Belgrade Omri Glazer I’m sure you’ll have nightmares about Tuesday night.

Israeli had played superbly in his Champions League debut, despite facing Europe’s reigning football champions, Manchester City.

In the opening period, City won the shots 22-1, but Red Star Belgrade went into the break with a sensational 1-0 lead. Mirko Ivanić posted by ghanaian tip Osman Bukarin drive through, and this one was not shy.

A safe investment City-veskari Ederson’s over cheated a real jackpot for the Serbian team.

It partially dissolved right at the beginning of the second episode, when Erling Haaland bait by Julián Álvarez to score. The winning shot at the hour mark in Argentina goes completely to Glazer.

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Omri Glazer misses the ball, and the Red Star Belgrade sensation dries up. PDO

Álvarez tried to center the ball to the back post, and the goalkeeper ended up punching the ball into wider waters. However, he made a complete noise from the game tool and just gently guided it into his own net.

In the end City raised Rodrin goal, the winning numbers to 3–1, but even that does not fully do justice to the dominance of the home team.

The home team won the shots 37–3. It is remarkable that Haaling remained goalless despite their dominance.

PSG has a strong start

At the same time in Paris, local PSG took the top spot in Group F with a 2-0 win over Borussia Dortmund. Kylian Mbappé finished the opening goal from the spot. Achraf Hakimi ended a fine pattern in the 58th minute.

Tuesday’s clearest winner was Barcelona, ​​who scored no fewer than five goals in Royal Antwerp’s net. Head coach of the Belgian team Mark van Bommel is a Barça pilot Xavi an old playing friend, but the friendship did not soften the Catalan giant’s attitude.

Joao Felix was the home team’s hero with two goals. The match was also the debut of Barcelona’s old Olympic Stadium in the Champions League.