Unbelievable! That’s how fast Cooper’s speed was, the ME woman in the marathon pinged

Tigist Assefa ran a wild world record at the Berlin Marathon.

Tigist Assefa ran only the third marathon of his career in Berlin. EPA / AOP

Ethiopian Tigist Assefa covered a little more than 42 kilometers on Sunday in the streets of Berlin at 2.11.53. It is a new marathon world record.

During the 12-minute journey, which is the length of the legendary Cooper test, Assefa therefore moved an average of about 3,800 meters.

For the average street rider, 3,000 meters in the Cooper test is a kind of phantom limit.

Samuli SamuelssonFinland’s fastest man, said recently that he only ran 2,640 meters in Cooper.

Assefa spent 7,973 seconds in the marathon, which means that he averaged about 18.8 seconds for the 100-meter section. Could you keep up with even a hundred?

Samuelsson’s 100 meter Finnish record is 10.12.