Uli Hoeneß and FC Bayern: Will it all be over soon?

No, that would be a big mistake

For God’s sake, Uli Hoeneß must under no circumstances withdraw completely, even if FC Bayern soon returns to calmer waters. He can’t do that. And there are several reasons why this is absolutely not possible.

Firstly: His presence at FC Bayern Munich is extremely important; he stands for experience and influence at the club like no other. His presence is essential for the stability and further development of the club.

Secondly: A mentoring role from Hoeneß for Max Eberl and his management team would be helpful and could offer the newcomers valuable guidance, at least in the strenuous transition phases. But certainly afterwards too.

Thirdly: Hoeneß’s connection to his own fans also strengthens the club’s culture. After all, he is currently one of very few identifying figures for the German record champions.

Fourth: Hoeneß should also continue to advise the club’s management team strategically in the future. Not just Eberl, also President Herbert Hainer and many others. Nobody has his experience, the Bayern bosses must continue to have access to this treasure in the future. In any case, voluntarily giving up your expertise would be a big mistake.