UFC 282: Paddy Pimblett and a wild diet

Paddy Pimblett’s popularity does not correlate with skill, says an expert.

With Paddy Pimblett there is a lot to prove now. He has already won Britain over. Next, the same must be done in the United States.

One of the UFC’s most talked about fighters of the moment will step into the cage in Las Vegas. A lightweight fighter who is not even on the list of the top 15 contenders in his weight class will make it to the second main event of UFC 282. Opposite steps Jared Gordon.

Pimblett, 27, from Liverpool, enjoys huge popularity in his home country.

– A colorful scouser that represents everything a working-class Liverpool can stand for. There’s also a Beattles-haired, IL martial arts expert Jaakko Dahlbacka describes.

Pimblett, who joined the UFC from the British Cage Warriors promotion, has fought three times in the world’s number one organization. Each of them has ended in victory by suspension.


Paddy Pimblett has enjoyed pizza immediately after matches. PDO

Pimblett is also criticized for things outside the cage. When he’s not fighting, he’s enjoying life. Vacation photos from around the world have shown that Pimblett lives anything but the everyday life of a top athlete between matches.

– If you were to ask a nutritionist if it makes sense, the answer would be that it doesn’t. Then there is the spiritual side – the mind may need rest and grace. After all, this is his trademark when the match is over. The piece of pizza is already in the mouth when the hand is raised.

When Pimblett returns to training, he sweats himself back into tight match condition.

– Then we can think about how much color pencil is in this activity of his. It’s true that he clearly swells like a sponge between matches, but when will he actually stop doing that? It’s crazy that he fights at 70 kilos, but can weigh more than 90 kilos between matches. Losing more than 20 kilos is awesome. Dahlbacka is amazed.

However, according to the expert, Pimblett’s popularity and match skills do not match. Why? In the video above, you can watch Kulmamieste’s preliminary episode for the UFC evening.

The UFC 282 event can be watched on the Elisa Viihde Viaplay service on Sunday morning from 5 o’clock.

After the matches, Pimblett enjoys life. PDO

Paddy Pimblett is looking to continue his winning streak in Las Vegas. PDO