On a BBC radio program, Bono reveals how he learned about his long-hidden brother.

    U2 singer Bono reveals on a BBC radio program about his complicated fatherhood and the fact that he kept secret information about his brother for years. AOP

    The lead figure of the U2 band Bono, 62, reveals on BBC radio’s Desert Island Discs that he has a brother he didn’t know about for years. At the same time, he shared the story of how he found out about this.

    Bono has a big brother Norman, with whom he has the same parents. The artist describes his feelings about his new brother.

    – I have another brother that I love and admire and whose existence I did not know, he admits in the program.

    According to Bono, he found out about his half-brother as early as the 21st century, about 22 years ago, but he has only recently revealed the information. The artist says he is with his discovery to you, even though he didn’t know his brother for years.

    – I can tell you that my father had a deep friendship with this wonderful woman who is part of the family and then they had children. This was kept visibly secret, he described the situation.

    Bono in a photo with his family. On the left his wife Ali Hewson, with whom he has been married for 40 years and on the right the daughters Eve Hewson and Jordan Hewson. AOP

    The singer admitted that her mother, who died in 1974, did not know that her husband had had a child with another woman. Upon learning of this, Bono talked to his father about his half-brother.

    – I asked my father if he loved my mother. He answered yes. I told him how all this really happened and he said it happened. He tried to say it right. He did not apologize, he just stated the facts. I’m with you, Bono explains in more detail from a previous conversation with his late father.

    Bono has described his father relationship as complicated. The artist describes that the father was not fully present because his heart was not in it. He felt that it was difficult to internalize the information about his brother, but at the same time he knew his father had gone through a lot.

    He describes being happy to know that he has another brother, even though it involves relationships and the breakdown of the family idyll. According to Bono, he is you today in terms of knowledge, that is, he has had peace.

    In the past, the singer has spoken openly about the impact her mother’s death had on her. Bono’s mother died of a bulging artery in her brain when the singer was only 14 years old.

    Bono has been touring with his band for 46 years. AOP

    Source: Mirror