U2 cover “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode – video

In Las Vegas it sometimes happens that two of the biggest bands in the world can be seen on the same day. That’s what happened on December 1st, when U2 and Depeche Mode were in town to perform live. While U2 are currently performing their shows at “The Sphere,” Depeche Mode performed at the T-Mobile Arena.

U2 cover Depeche Mode – video is circulating online

Bono may have felt inspired by his fellow musicians when he sang “Personal Jesus” at the next concert the next day and the band joined in. The musician wasn’t entirely sure of the lyrics, but the gesture counts. A video of the special cover moment can be seen here.

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Several snippets supplemented U2’s two-hour-plus set

The little musical digression was part of the song “When Love Comes To Town”. The band also incorporated other well-known snippets into their set – including Elvis Presley’s “Viva Las Vegas” in the song “Love Is Blindness”, the Beatles song “Blackbird” in “Beautiful Day”, “Paint It, Black” from the Rolling Stones in “Until The End Of The World” and Van Morrison’s “Into The Mystic” in “All I Want Is You”. An

Depeche Mode would have the opportunity to return the favor for the friendly gesture. The band is playing a show in San Francisco today (December 3rd).

U2 have announced further concerts for 2024

U2 have extended their residency in Las Vegas again due to the good response and high ticket demand. Tickets are now on sale for three additional dates at the end of January and eight dates for February. Fans are particularly impressed by the spectacular visuals that complement the show inside the huge dome.