Two more suspects arrested for riots between Eritreans in The Hague

The police have arrested two more suspects for the riots between Eritreans in The Hague last weekend. That reports the Public Prosecution Service on Thursday. A 23-year-old man is suspected of incitement to commit violence and a 48-year-old man is suspected of incitement and public violence.

On Saturday, a party was organized by the Federation of Eritrean Communities in the Netherlands in the Opera hall center in The Hague. Among the partygoers were supporters of the current dictatorial Eritrean regime, who became the target of an Eritrean organization called Brigade Nhamedu. Opponents of the Eritrean government are often confronted with pro-government Eritreans, and for that reason the municipality and police had already taken unrest into account. Nevertheless, they were surprised by the very large scale of violence. Fifteen officers were injured.

The 23-year-old man was arrested because he called for violence at the meeting in an online video a few days before the riots. Another man was previously arrested for the same reason and is still in custody. A total of sixteen people were arrested, two of whom are now free again. They remain suspected of open violence.

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