Two more suspects arrested for kidnapping and hostage-taking

The police arrested two more suspects on Tuesday for a kidnapping and hostage situation in Eindhoven earlier this month. A 24-year-old man was slightly injured. The suspects now arrested are men aged 41 and 43 from Rozenburg and Krimpen aan den IJssel respectively, both in South Holland.

A man (24) and a woman (30) from Eindhoven were arrested in this case on Thursday.

In the evening of February 3, the 24-year-old man and a friend entered a house on Violierstraat in Eindhoven. There are several people in the house. When the two want to go, they are stopped. They have to pay money first.

Once the woman has paid, she can go. That does not apply to the man. He is taken away in a car. During the car journey, the victim must ask for money at several places, at gunpoint.

The police take into account that this has to do with a business dispute that the man has with the suspects.

Investigation investigation
The men arrested on Tuesday are also suspected of extortion, threatening with a firearm and assault. The police have not ruled out that several more people will be arrested.