Two energy experts risk suspension after drawing up EPC for their own home | Domestic

Recognized energy experts are responsible, among other things, for drawing up energy performance certificates (EPCs). An EPC is the document that shows how energy efficient a building is. But according to the rules, these experts are not allowed to draw up a certificate for a private home that is rented or sold.

According to Minister Demir, two energy experts have now been identified during targeted inspections following a complaint. “The regulations are clear,” says the minister. “When drawing up an EPC, an energy expert must not only follow the technical regulations, he must also draw up the EPC in an objective manner, without benefiting himself in any way. It is therefore not possible to draw up an EPC for a private home that is rented or sold,” it said.

The Flemish Energy and Climate Agency (VEKA) has therefore started the suspension procedure against the energy experts. When an energy expert is suspended, he is no longer allowed to draw up EPCs for the duration of the suspension and he must also take the exam again before he can work as an energy expert again. Before VEKA proceeds with an effective suspension, the energy expert can provide arguments to prevent the suspension.