Julia Mozer and Dario La Nasa, who left their post last week according to five sources, were responsible for Twitter’s digital policy in Europe and oversaw the implementation of the Digital Services Act (DSA) package of laws. From the relatively small office in Brussels, compliance with EU directives was monitored for the entire region, which are often stricter than in the US.

    Due to the closure, there is doubt among EU leaders that the introduction of the DSA will succeed. On Thursday, the European Commission will publish figures that would show how far behind Twitter is in the fight against disinformation.

    In November, about half of Twitter’s 7,500 global employees resigned after new CEO Elon Musk gave them an ultimatum: be “extreme hardcore” and work long intense days or leave.

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    Many employees in Brussels also opted for the second option. Although Julia Mozer and Dario La Nasa initially continued to work at the company, they also threw in the towel last week.

    Both Mozer and La Nasa declined to comment to Financial Times. No one on Twitter was available for comment.