Tuukka Taponen talks about his Ferrari choice – a mature young man

Tuukka Taponen celebrated the Ferrari news by teaching his partner’s six-year-old child to drive.

Tuukka Taponen is officially a Ferrari driver. Miia Sirén

– Great feeling, but this is just the beginning.

Tuukka Taponen, 16, is not floating, even though he has just become an official Ferrari junior driver.

Taponen’s Ferrari contract was released to the world today. The young Finnish driver already knew about the decision in advance.

In the Finnish way, Taponen received the news naturally with joy, but also calmly.

The most legendary logo in motorsport will decorate the chest of the Finnish driver’s driving suit next season. Many could be proud of many things, but Taponen modestly states to Iltalehte that it is a great honor.

Now Taponen wants to show Ferrari that he is worthy of trust.

Great at camp

Taponen participated in the young drivers’ camp organized by Ferrari in October.

Along with Taponen, there were a lot of other strong future prospects seeking a place in the junior program. In the end, the choice was made for a Finn.

Ferrari said that Taponen was the best driver of the camp.

– The camp went as it should. I got really good results in all the tests, Tapone times.

It helped that Ferrari invited Taponen to the camp already last year. At that time, the choice was not yet aimed at the young Finn, but the Italian stable emphasized that they would follow his development.

– There was an improvement this year in every area, Taponen himself describes.

To race soon

Taponen has already tested a Formula 4 car. Manuela Nicoletti / Tuukka Taponen’s briefing

Taponen’s next season’s competition schedule will be detailed in the coming days. It is certain that there will be a jump from karting to the wheel of Formula 4 cars. According to Taponen, we will hear in which series the Finn will compete, perhaps already this week.

The purpose is to compete in the Middle East Formula 4 series. The official first race of the series is already in December, so there will be contract news soon.

Next year the plan is to drive in the Italian and maybe also the German F4 series.

You have to hurry even at the end of 2022. Currently in Italy, Taponen travels between Finland and foreign countries many more times. This year’s World Cup silver medalist in the OK class of karting will take part in an awards gala and media event both abroad and in Finland.

It could also be that Ferrari is keeping its new mount busy.

– If Ferrari orders us to come to Maranello, then we will go, says Taponen.

A young driver’s license

Taponen celebrated the news of Ferrari’s contract with work.

– I am here at the Lonato track as a driving coach. My partner’s six-year-old son is starting his own career. I guide him to the sport, says Taponen, reached on the track.

Taponen has aroused admiration at the karting pit for his passion for the sport. He has been described by many as “the first to arrive at the track and the last to leave”.

– It’s nice to help young drivers. This six-year-old is Estonian, and I think it’s only good if I can help drivers from Finland or nearby to get into the sport, describes Taponen.

Finnish diamond

Ferrari is the most legendary team in the F1 series. PDO

Almost every F1 team has its own junior program these days. Being a part of that gives the young driver a huge help when creating in the junior classes.

The Ferrari Driver Academy knows how to turn young drivers into F1 stars. They have cleared their way to formula one through the FDA Charles Leclerc, Mick Schumacher and Jules Bianchi. Also Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll once belonged to it

At Ferrari, you know when you have a diamond in your hands.

Taponen is the next one from which the Italian brand will start to hone an F1-caliber driver.

Tuukka Taponen told Iltalehe what he heard in October 2022.