Turnaround in Zwaagdijk-West: plans to accommodate emergency seekers and status holders off the table

The plans to house emergency seekers and status holders on the Balkweiterhoek in Zwaagdijk-West have been brushed off the table. The housing corporations, which had to investigate whether it was financially feasible, let the province know this in a letter.

To find out whether the designated location – where a large greenhouse complex used to be – is suitable for building flex homes, the province is conducting a feasibility study. The province therefore also benefits from housing corporations asked to investigate this. They now say that it is not financially feasible. “The current calculations for the investment in the flex homes and the investment for the access (including the realization of a noise barrier due to its location near Westfrisiaweg) show a very unprofitable business case with a sharply negative result,” they state in a letter. which is owned by NH Nieuws. And with that, the housing plans seem off the track.

Much unrest

Last year there was still a lot of unrest about the arrival of emergency seekers and status holders in the small village, when the greenhouses on the site were suddenly demolished. Local residents get the idea that everything is already roundwithout them being informed about it. “We have nothing against status holders, far from it. We are concerned with communication, which leaves much to be desired. Nothing is discussed, we feel it is just pushed through. What will happen? We are still in the dark “, Ronald said then.

The Village Council will even take action at the end of January. “Enough has already been ruined in Zwaagdijk-West,” they say in a pamphlet. To get that message across, the Village Council is organizing a meeting in the De Wildebras village hall. But now that these plans are off the table, that will no longer happen.

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