Turkey-Italy: it’s up to Scamacca, the center forward of the blue future

Race that counts for the center forward who must take the area and who also knows how to maneuver. But also the AC Milan player, the Giallorossi, Raspadori and Pessina are looking for a place

From our correspondent Fabio Licari

March 29
– konya (turkey)

Scamacca. Now and immediately here in Konya, in the deeply Islamic South of Turkey, in a friendly match that for some is a final. Scamacca. Because there is no time to waste. Gianluca Scamacca is 23 years old, in the rest of the world at this age you are a complete player. For seventeen-year-old Haaland, the big clubs were already fighting. Vlahovic has 22, Osimhen 23, Mbappé he was the best in Russia 2018 and was of age recently. All this hesitation for “a young man who has to grow up” is not understood.