“We can remove a lot of the uncertainty. We are not going to cancel any TUI fly flights. Anyone who has already booked can go on holiday. The vast majority of flight holidays will still depart from Amsterdam. For that part of the travelers who are no longer allowed to depart from Schiphol, we will use flights from regional airports,” TUI said.

    The tour operator with its own aircraft is still puzzling, but can carry out all flying holidays with TUI fly anyway. Also, all holidays to Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao and other places in the Caribbean will depart from Schiphol anyway.

    Package holidays

    The question remains, however, whether package holidays that include a flight from KLM, Transavia or another airline can continue, TUI acknowledges. “We have not yet received full and detailed information and are unable to estimate the impact of the adjustments they will make at this time.”

    Corendon has the same problem. Transavia announced on Wednesday that it would have to cancel 240 flights, but leave it to the package travel providers to inform their customers. KLM will probably announce the consequences of the restrictions at Schiphol on Thursday. United must certainly cut hundreds of seats.

    Sunweb was able to report on Wednesday that no booked holidays will expire. However, people are rebooked to other airlines or airports. Tour operators are also called flat by customers who want to know where they stand. TUI urges customers not to contact them and to wait for the company to come forward with information. That will happen from the beginning of next week.