Tuchel apparently wanted to sell Kimmich in the summer

Joshua Kimmich doesn’t have an easy time at Bayern under Thomas Tuchel. According to one report, he was even supposed to leave last summer.

Outgoing Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel apparently wanted to sell both Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretzka last summer. This is reported by the British website “The Athletic”, citing a source close to Tuchel.

He made no secret of the fact that Tuchel absolutely wanted to sign a so-called “Holding Six”, i.e. a defensive-minded six, last summer. But his dream player, Declan Rice, was deemed too expensive and moved to Arsenal instead.

Tuchel found Goretzka and Kimmich unsuitable

The alternative, João Palhinha from FC Fulham, was initially found to be too expensive by the Bayern bosses with his price of over 60 million euros. When the club finally managed to make a commitment, it was too late for Fulham to find an alternative. The deal fell through.

According to The Athletic report, Tuchel wanted to sell Kimmich or Goretzka to make room for a new addition in midfield. However, the Bayern bosses are said to have rejected this. After Rice and Palhinha could not be signed, Tuchel had to work with the midfield duo of Kimmich and Goretzka, which he actually viewed as unsuitable.

Players unsettled

“He was like a doctor who saw that the patient urgently needed an operation, but was only allowed to prescribe a small amount of therapy,” the report quoted the source close to Tuchel as saying.

However, Tuchel continued to publicly call for the “Holding Six” to be signed, which, according to the source, did not have a good influence on Kimmich and Goretzka. “He emasculated her,” the platform quotes its source as saying.