Siim Liivik, who competes in the Dance with the Stars program, and dance teacher Katri Mäkista are united by the Estonian language and shared travel memories.

    Ex-ice hockey player Siim Liivik got Katri Mäkinen as his dance teacher. Henri Kärkkäinen

    Ex-hockey player Siim Liivik, who is also known from Hockey Night, will be seen on the dance floor of the Dance with the Stars program starting in the fall. Liivik’s teacher is Katri Mäkinen.

    – We know from before. We have been together – not alone, on joint trips to Mexico. It’s easy to start training when you know Katri and I trust her. There is no need to make small talk, says Liivik.

    The two say they have known each other for a few years.

    Liivik’s partner, known from the series Salatut elämät Sofia Arasola is a professional dancer. Liivik states that his partner’s profession is of no help to him.

    – Katri is my teacher, Liivik says.

    – The home team is there for them to support and encourage, says Mäkinen.

    – And they transport, Liivik adds with a laugh.

    Teacher and student are also united by the common Estonian language.

    – When we talk to each other, we talk in Estonian. From the point of view of the program, it is easier that I teach in Finnish, says Mäkinen.

    Will the common language be seen in the competition?

    – I don’t know if there could be some Estonian songs. Why not? We are both from there and that is an important thing for us, says Liivik.

    Here are the new TTK pairs. Henri Kärkkäinen

    Deaf rapper Signmark is also participating in the starting TTK season. “I don’t even know how this is going to work.”

    The 15th season of Dancing with the Stars starts on MTV on Sunday, August 28.