Yvonne Coldeweijer is slowly starting a real one household name to become. Yesterday she even appeared as a quiz question in De Slimste Mens, one of the most watched programs in the Netherlands.

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    Presenter Philip Freriks started a film in which Yvonne Coldeweijer talks about her working method. It is then up to the candidates to name five terms that the editors have come up with for them. First up is comedienne Fieke Opdam. She appears to associate Yvonne mainly with none other than Samantha Steenwijk.

    “A real bitch!”

    Fieke starts to rattle a lot. “This is Yvonne Coldeweijer and she has spies. She’s been in the news recently with Samantha, with those diet pills. She also has a clothing line and so she gossips a lot. She puts celebrities to shit, she is the gossip queen and hangs all the dirty laundry outside.”

    Then hopelessly: “God, come on! What else do I know about this… Really a bitch. Yes, they don’t like her. Oh, there has been a lawsuit recently of course with that Samantha Steenwijk. Okay, pass!”

    Hysterical Samantha

    The fact that Fieke mainly associates juice queen Yvonne with Samantha and her alleged diet pills shows that celebrities with long toes would absolutely not do well to tackle the juice channels. It is precisely by setting up such a legal circus that everyone is now making the link between Samantha and diet pills.

    Jip van den Toorn, cartoonist for de Volkskrant, is the next candidate to guess answers about Yvonne. “She has a juice channel, she’s on YouTube, she was discredited with the Apple store, she also liked Dreetje Hazes. Pass.”

    Anniko fails

    With ‘juice channel’ and ‘YouTube’, Jip scores two good answers. Then it’s Anniko van Santen’s turn: “She used to be Keet. Let’s see, who exposed them all? Ehhh… RTL Boulevard sometimes performs them. Pass.”

    The missing answer is ‘Lil Kleine’. Philip explains: “Her biggest scoop was a video showing Lil Kleine assaulting his fiancée with a car door.”

    Yvonne responds

    Yvonne has a lot of laughs about her appearance in De Slimste Mens, she shows with a series of smileys on her juice channel. But: “’Spies’ really should have been there. ”