Sara Sieppi announced on her Instagram that she will donate a bag of her old clothes to someone who needs them the most.

    Sara Sieppi wanted to do good. Sami Kuusivirta

    Social media influencer and former Miss Sara Sieppi, 31, announced on her Instagram account that she would donate a large bag of clothes to a person who really needs them.

    – If you feel that you are the person who needs this, send me a message.

    Since then, he updated a story in the Stories section of Instagram announcing that the object had been found. The story is available for viewing 24 hours after publication.

    – Thank you all for the hundreds and hundreds of contacts. The bag goes to a single parent with four children.

    In his writing, he also reminds his followers that in the future he would like people to consider whether they really need help with clothing.

    – If you’re looking for a summer dress for your dream vacation or you don’t know how to shop for clothes in your style at the store, please don’t leave a message, she adds with a heart emoji.

    Followers from October

    In the next story, Sieppi adds a screenshot of the message he received, in which the follower criticizes him for not telling more precise criteria earlier.

    – That you don’t have to be an afterthought, the only wisdom you can find is in yourself, the author laments.

    Sieppi also adds a box to the picture, in which he ironically writes the answer:

    – Ah, it’s wonderful to do good here on social media.