Roxeanne Hazes talks about the new season of Best Singers. She reveals which celebrities cry first in the emotional music show this year. “Well, that was me.”

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    Dear Singers, the program in which celebrities cry while singing each other’s songs, is a hit every year. The next season is about to start at NPO 1, namely next Thursday. Roxeanne Hazes claps in conversation with the VARAguide from the school about who is the first crying BN’er this year.

    Roxeanne is crying

    Roxeanne can’t avoid it. “We had agreed in advance: we are not going to cry this season. I even sent in the group app: ‘Whoever yells first, has to give a round’. Well, that was me,” she says.

    It was especially touching for Roxeanne that almost all of her colleagues decided to sing songs of her own. “Competing against the Hazes name is quite difficult. I was hoping the others would cover my songs and not my father’s. Most of them turned out to have chosen a song of mine.”


    Initially, Roxeanne did not want to participate in Best Singers. “I’ve been asked a few times before, but I’m very homesick. It was a deal breaker for a long time that my partner was not allowed to come. I also understand very well why. But now they wanted to add some water to the wine and Erik could join them.”

    She continues: “Yes, that homesickness is very persistent. During the day I’m fine, but at night, when I’m saddled with my thoughts, I don’t want to be alone.”

    What does Claudia say?

    Back to the crying: why are all celebrities so incredibly emotional during the recordings? Claudia de Breij explains, also in the VARAguide. “If you participate in Best Singers, you will be questioned for hours by editor-in-chief Jan Kapelle about what music matters in your life.”

    The songs thus tell the life stories of the participants, explains Claudia. And that’s where emotions come in. “Is that sugary sweet? So what. It made me terribly happy, in this year full of war and crises. Enjoy what makes you the same with people who are different from you.”


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