“Trump wants to appear handcuffed in court, he hopes to make a spectacle of it” | Abroad

Donald Trump wants to appear in court in handcuffs if he is charged with the hush money he allegedly paid to porn star Stormy Daniels. Several sources close to the former American president have said this, ‘The Guardian’ knows. “If a mug shot has to be made, he might as well make a spectacle of it,” it sounds.

In the United States, a so-called ‘perp walk’ (for a mad press mob to be escorted to the police car in handcuffs, even if the guilt has not yet been established; ed.) is a common tradition. Trump could use the moment to denounce the “unfair process” and incite his supporters ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Trump supporters are already making themselves heard here and there. © REUTERS


“He especially wants to avoid being secretly smuggled into the courtroom or having to appear in court via a video link. Then he would come across as weak or even like a loser,” the sources say. Trump even added that he is happy to take the risk of getting shot. If that happens, he would become a martyr and almost certainly become president again.”

Possible arrest of Trump: “This is unlikely”

Trump’s advisers doubt whether he understands the legal scope of the charges. “So far he is handling the case between the soup and chips, his golf games at his resort in Palm Beach take precedence,” it sounds.

Trump supporters are already making themselves heard here and there.

Trump supporters are already making themselves heard here and there. © AP


The decision whether Trump will actually be charged will probably be taken in New York today, according to American media. The ex-president reportedly hired lawyer Michael Cohen to pay 120,000 euros to Stormy Daniels after a one-night stand. This would include cheating on taxes.

Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison at the end of 2018, partly because of his questionable role in this case. However, Trump’s lawyers now argue that their client has been the victim of extortion by Daniels.

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