Trump says he won black voters through his lawsuits and his mugshot | Abroad

Former President Donald Trump said during a gala on the eve of the Republican primary in South Carolina that the lawsuits against him have made him more popular with black voters. The same goes for his infamous mugshot.

Trump made the statement at a meeting of black conservatives. He compared the 91 charges against him to the unfair treatment of blacks by the American legal system.

“A lot of people said that was the reason black people liked me. Because they were treated so badly and discriminated against. And they saw that I was also discriminated against,” he said.

Mug shot

He also talked about his mugshot, which was taken last summer in the state of Georgia. There he is accused of trying to influence the election results. According to Trump, the mugshot is also a reason that black voters will lean towards him in November.

“When I had that mugshot taken in Atlanta, it went to number one,” Trump said. He added that black people embraced that mugshot “more than anyone else.”

Trump’s famous mugshot. © Photo News

Trump currently faces 91 charges in four cases, including obstruction of justice, conspiring to influence the 2020 election and falsifying corporate records. He maintains his innocence and believes he is wrongly accused.

Trump is doing better in the polls than some other Republicans among black voters, but his support remains very limited compared to that of Democratic President Joe Biden.

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