Truck with beet pulp overturned on the A58 near Ulvenhout, road closed

A truck overturned on the A58 near Ulvenhout on Monday afternoon around two o’clock. The vehicle blocks the entire road. The road is close in the direction from Breda to Tilburg. The truck is filled with beet pulp, Rijkswaterstaat said. That is now on the way.

The overturned truck is said to have crashed into the back of another truck. The cabin of the vehicle was completely destroyed by the impact. The guardrail was also damaged.

To ensure a smooth flow of traffic towards Rotterdam and Tilburg, two diversions have been set up:

• Direction Tilburg/Eindhoven: from the Galder junction via the A16, A59 and A27.

• Direction Rotterdam: from Antwerp via the A12 (B), A4, A59 and A17.

Around half past four, Rijkswaterstaat is busy clearing the load so that the trapped traffic can use the emergency lane. The salvage and repair work can then begin.