Triumph for oliebollen stall: after a battle with the municipality, they remain in the old district

There was a big fuss when it was announced this summer that Henny and Piet Bierens-de Wit’s oliebollen stall would not be located in the center of the Woensel district of Eindhoven this year. The customers made themselves heard en masse and Henny was very angry with the municipality because she had to leave her permanent place after 44 years. Henny took hold of this case like a pit bull. And it turns out: they are allowed to stand in Woensel after all.

The municipality of Eindhoven had a new permit system this year and Henny and Piet were left out. Another oliebollen stall did receive the permit. For weeks, Henny had sleepless nights because of the rejection. She saw her life’s work disappear before her eyes.

Henny did not accept it. “If you have built something up for 44 years, you cannot let this happen,” Henny explains. She hired a lawyer and started talking to the municipality. “They had another location in Eindhoven for us, but I explained that we cannot celebrate our anniversary there. After a few conversations, they realized that I had sunk my teeth in our permanent place in Woensel.”

“Normally I see other oliebollen bakers as colleagues, but this is real competition.”

The redeeming phone call came on Wednesday. The stall may remain in Woensel, but this year it will be on the other side of the shopping center, at the roundabout on the McDonald’s side. Because the other oliebollen baker is located in Henny and Piet’s old familiar spot.

“We are very happy, but we also have to wait and see,” says Henny. “Normally I see other oliebollen bakers as colleagues, but this is real competition. The loyal customers know where to find me, but we still have to see how things will turn out.”

The municipality of Eindhoven is considering a new permit system for next year. Henny can’t worry about it yet. “That concern is for later. This is our 45th anniversary and we are happy to be back.”

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The oliebollen stall (Photo: Henny Bierens de Wit)
The oliebollen stall (Photo: Henny Bierens de Wit)