Tribute to Yves Lampaert: yellow convertible & 150 tractors

    Lampaert himself was picked up at home in Hulste in a yellow convertible and a procession of 150 tractors.

    “Captivating, such a surprise!”

    A surprised Yves Lampaert opened the door. And that is the signal for a column of 150 tractors to thunder through the street of the yellow jersey with a lot of noise.

    “It’s catchy, isn’t it. It’s a big bunch of tractors and it’s chic that everyone sympathizes, isn’t it. It’s special, anyway. -Did you expect this? No, certainly not. I knew something was coming was, but it’s a surprise to me too.”

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    Ingelmunster turns yellow

    Neighbors, friends and sympathizers had dressed in yellow for the occasion. An open car, in yellow and with the logo of the Tour, closed the row. Yves Lampaert was picked up for a big folk festival, a fitting tribute to a great driver.

    A pack of people had gathered in Ingelmunster to receive the yellow jersey. The open car made its way through the supporters.

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    Sick after Tour

    Yves Lampaert enjoyed the moment, although he still has to recover from the Tour, which has been very tough. “The last week of the Tour I had a hard time, got an infection on the lungs. And that just keeps dragging on, so we will have to see how to recover from that before we can continue.”