Tree felling, noise pollution and views: Hoogeven residents have questions about the A37 solar route

Will we get noise pollution? What happens to the trees? Are the animals taken into account? And what happens to our view? These are questions from Hoogeven residents that were discussed during a meeting last night about the plans for the solar route along the A37.

A presentation was held in De Tamboer about the state of affairs surrounding the major energy project. A series of solar panels 42 kilometers long should be installed along the A37. This concerns the section from the German border at Zwartemeer to Hoogeveen.

In total, this should provide enough energy for 45,000 households. Earlier this week, residents of Emmen and Coevorden were updated, Hoogeveen was the last to be discussed.

Okke van Brandwijk, who works at Rijkswaterstaat and manager of the solar route project, gave an update on the plans. During his story, the first fingers were already raised to ask questions. Particularly about possible noise pollution from solar panels.

A 6.5 meter high solar wall will be installed along the A37 near Hoogeveen. This will soon run from the Alteveer viaduct towards Hoogeveen-Oost.

“We already notice that when trees are cut down, there is more noise from the highway,” said a Hoogeven resident who lives near the place where the wall is to be located. “Won’t it get worse if the wall gets that high?”

Van Brandwijk announced that there will be a bulge in the entire solar wall. This must ensure that the sound reflects back to the road. “Our research shows that people will not experience any additional noise pollution. The wall actually has a dampening effect.”

A group of people from Nieuwlande fear inconvenience from solar panels in the central reservation in particular. They think they could reflect sound.

“There is already a solar park near Nieuwlande, I live nearby. Sometimes it seems as if I am standing in the central reservation of the highway. The panels make the noise louder,” said a village resident. “If more panels are installed on the highway, we fear that things will get worse.”

A neighbor joined him. “I also live close to the solar park, sometimes I can no longer hear my TV because of the loud sound.” According to Van Brandwijk, the panels will lie very flat. According to him, that should not cause any problems.