From Russia to Mexico and from China to Iceland: whenever possible, Amanda Romijn (35) is on a plane bound for faraway places. The travel bug started during a tour in America with her aunt and niece. A month later she flew to Bali. “That tasted like more.”

    A different culture, religion, nature, climate and a completely different world: that is what makes Amanda curious. “I want to know how people live, in a different way than I am used to.” Who is her favorite travel companion? Her father! “I got to know him better during our travels.”

    Mother with fear of flying

    Amanda wrote down her travel adventures for her mother with a fear of flying. “She doesn’t dare to fly, so we often stayed in the Netherlands during holidays. While traveling through Mexico, I decided to write down my adventures in an online journal. I did that for her, but she also started sharing it with family and friends. It was so well read that I finally decided to start a travel blog.”

    Working as a physiotherapist

    As an independent physiotherapist, Amanda visits her patients at home and treats people in a practice in Voorburg. In between her busy work, she tries to travel as often as possible. “I work as a freelancer and can therefore plan my trips around my work.” A friend helped build her website and Amanda wrote her first blogs. She shared her stories social media and soon the number of followers grew.

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    Tips on travel gear, photography and vaccinations

    Companies also saw that her blog posts attracted many readers. She was approached and invited to Austria, among other places. “I visited a deer whisperer there. It was a special experience to look for deer in the snow. And in the summer we went looking for gold.” Sometimes Amanda gets stuff, like slippers or a bag, to write about on her website. “On my website I also give tips about, for example, travel gear, photography and vaccinations.”

    Twice a year on vacation with her boyfriend

    Amanda’s boyfriend doesn’t mind that his girlfriend travels more often with her father than with him. “We go on vacation together twice a year. He allows me to do this together with my father of 77 years. Now it is still possible. In 2018 we had booked a trip to Morocco. Just before departure, he was suddenly hospitalized and had five bypasses. Despite the procedure, we still flew to Morocco together.”

    During their vacation to Cappadocia, Turkey, Amanda treated her father to a sunrise hot air balloon ride. “Together with 159 other hot air balloons, we hovered over cave dwellings and looked at a spectacular landscape. That was amazing. My father is still talking about it after months.”

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    Travel book with original addresses

    Hiking in Austria, Egypt, a holiday home in the Netherlands, giving tennis lessons in Ibiza and to Lanzarote with her father: Amanda has a well-filled travel agenda for the rest of this year. “But first I’m going to publish my first travel book,” she says. Together with bloggers Lizzy Lommers and Chantal Roskamp she worked on the One Night Stay travel book with 75 unique overnight stays in the Netherlands and Belgium. It contains their tips about original addresses such as sleeping in a yurt, a prison, on a raft and in a church. “As a child I dreamed of writing my own book. That wish is now becoming reality.”

    Do you want to follow Amanda’s travel adventures? Then read her blog posts Just My Travel.

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