If it has cooled down a bit in the house and the garden has been refreshed after the rain of the past few days, a new period of heat is ahead. Next week we will hit 30 degrees again.

    The temperature will continue to rise next week. At first 24 or 25 degrees, but in the course of the week we will exceed 25 degrees. “It is possible that we may reach 30 degrees again somewhere,” said Wouter van Bernebeek of Weerplaza, Friday morning in the radio program Wakker!

    This Friday the temperature in the province will be around 26 or 27 degrees. The morning starts sunny, says the weatherman.

    “But from noon the clouds gradually increase from the west and a few showers can form. With perhaps, very local, thunderstorms. During those showers it cools down to about 20 degrees.”

    Great summer days
    A shower is also possible on Saturday evening. “But later it will become dry and Friday night, just like Friday morning, fog can form here and there. When that Saturday morning has disappeared, we will have a very nice day with lots of sun.” It will then remain dry everywhere. “A degree less warm than Friday, about 24 degrees. But I think Saturday will be a great summer day all in all.”

    We get a lot of the same on Sunday. “Even then 24 degrees and plenty of room for the sun,” says Wouter.

    Very nice period
    There is a temporary increased chance of a few showers on Monday. “But this will be local again,” emphasizes the weatherman. “It doesn’t get wet everywhere.”

    According to Wouter, a ‘very nice period’ is planned from Tuesday, with more and more room for the sun. Then the temperature shoots back up to tropical values.