The father of a 3 year old girl has reported to the National Police that a driver from the Valencia Municipal Transport Company (EMT) forced himself and his little girl to get off the bus for not wearing a mask the minor. The man has reported his case on Radio Valencia and has announced, in statements to the station, that he has filed a complaint with the police, as well as with the municipal transport company itself and with the Department of Sustainable Mobility for these events. .

    For his part, Sources from the bus company have reported that if this complaint reaches the Citizen Attention Office “the case will be dealt with and the case will be reviewed internally, as is always done with all the writings that come to us.” Regarding the protest against Sustainable Mobility, sources from this department have indicated that if they receive this complaint, they will forward it to EMT for processing and attention.

    This citizen has recounted that on Sunday, December 4, he tried to get on the line 62 bus after enjoying a Christmas afternoon with his daughter in Nuevo Centro. However, when entering the vehicle the driver told her that she could not get on the bus if the little girl did not put on the protection.

    The traveler argued to the driver that according to current regulations the girl is not required to wear a mask due to her young age and even in hospitals. In the end, after a brief discussion, the man got off the bus and did not want to get into any more controversy so as not to delay the service or harm other travelers.

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    According to what he told Cadena SER, he had to make the journey back home, on foot, with his daughter in his arms and in the evening, with cold. After arriving at her home, and leaving the little girl, he proceeded to file a complaint with the National Police, that same Sunday. Already on Monday, December 5, he filed a complaint with the EMT and Sustainable Mobility.

    At the moment, neither of these two official organizations have confirmed lift-EMVfrom the Prensa Ibérica group, who have received these complaints.