Bird flu has been diagnosed at a duck farm in Schuinesloot, just across the provincial border in Overijssel. There are still 36 poultry farms in the area of ​​ten kilometers around the company. They have to do with the transport ban.

    There is already a transport ban in part of the area due to a previous contamination in De Krim, also in Overijssel. Schuinesloot is located about seven kilometers west of De Krim.

    The approximately 60,000 animals of the company in Schuinesloot are culled.

    The transport ban applies to all birds and breeding and consumption eggs from a location with birds. The ban also applies to bird manure and used litter, and to other animals and animal products from poultry farms. Bird hunting is also restricted in the area.

    In the southeast of the province, a transport ban has been in place for some time, due to a case of bird flu just across the border in Germany.