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For the coach of the girls’ basketball team at a high school in the American state of Massachusetts, it was no longer necessary. After his third player dropped out in a duel with a transgender basketball player, he permanently called his players to the side. The video below shows how the boy-born player shields the ball and knocks her opponent to the ground.

Kevin Ortins gave the reason for the forfeit that he was afraid that more of his players would drop out, with a view to a play-off match that would be played four days later. “We were already dealing with four injuries and when three more were added just sixteen minutes into the match against KIPP Massachusetts, our coach thought it best to stop the match,” reads the official statement from The Collegiate Charter School of Lowell earlier this month. “With a view to the play-offs, we did not want to take any further risks.”

KIPP was in the lead at the time, 31-14. The forfeit now converts that score into a 10-0 final score. The above video in particular is going viral, in which the much larger transgender grabs the rebound and then shields the ball so hard that her opponent falls to the ground and lies on the parquet groaning in pain.

According to the school’s sports director, the trans girl from KIPP was not the reason why Ortins forfeited after sixteen minutes of play. “We already knew in advance that she would play, after we had already played against KIPP earlier this season. Then the match went off without incident.”

According to the school regulations of the state of Massachusetts, a player may not be excluded from the competition on the basis of gender. Although it is also stated that this should not be aimed at gaining an unfair advantage. “The recommended practice is for schools to communicate with their opponents as appropriate about the gender-specific needs of their team to promote inclusion,” it said.

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