Transfer words from Atakaş Hatayspor Coach Volkan Demirel! We are meeting with 1-2 players…

Atakaş Hatayspor Coach Volkan Demirel congratulated the players of both teams and said, “It was a long match. A goal they scored in the first half and a goal we scored in the second half. We played as we should. We took the match to extra time. I think it was a penalty at the last minute.” There was. You can interpret it differently when you watch it on television. There is a ball that softens with the hand. The referee saw it correctly, but the referees in VAR interpreted it wrong. Respect is required. I want to congratulate Deniz. A talented goalkeeper is coming for the Turkish national team. I have followed it before. “He brought the tour to his team. I hope he will be successful throughout his football life,” he said.

Stating that there were players they met with two days before the transfer deadline, Demirel said, “We are meeting with 1-2 more players. We want to buy the players we want. We do not want to tire ourselves in terms of budget. If we can bring the players that suit our needs, we will make the transfer.”

Expressing his thoughts about the past year after the earthquake disasters on February 6, 2023, Demirel said, “It was not a good process for all of us. Life goes on. We will continue our lives without forgetting what happened. I hope we will never experience such pain again. We will overcome this in time.” He concluded his words by saying.