Speaking to FBTV, 51-year-old Itoudis, regarding the new pre-season transfer studies, said, “We are very close to Wilbekin. Likewise, our talks with Nando de Colo continue, he also wants to stay. We announced Melih, Motley, Samet. “I ask our fans to be patient. Do not panic. We are currently investigating who is available, who can be bought and who can create chemistry in the basketball market.” he said.

    Recalling that he talked to Jan Vesely before leaving, Itoudis said, “Now he wanted a change of atmosphere, it was a family decision. So we have to respect him.” said.

    Itoudis, who coached Banvit in the 2013-2014 season, said that he had to leave Bandırma early on his way to CSKA Moscow, but that great love was shown to him in the city.

    Stating that the Turkish nation has very good features such as hospitality, the Greek sportsman said, “I had a very good time when I worked in Turkey in the past years. Turkish and Greek peoples have a lot of similar characteristics. No matter where you go, as soon as they get to know me, I immediately started playing Greek music because I am Greek. They would start. This kind of thing is beautiful.” expressed an opinion.


    Stating that the former head coach of the yellow-dark blue team, Zeljko Obradovic, is a very important person for basketball, Fenerbahçe and himself, Itoudis said, “We spent 13 years together in Panathinakos. We met in Amsterdam and we met at a Christmas tournament. At that time, I was in Zagreb. I was the coach of Badalona. Since then, we have always exchanged ideas, even in different places. We helped Panathinaikos grow, we won trophies, but more importantly, we created a winning culture. It was an incredible basketball environment. Very good players from many different generations got it.” used the phrases.

    Referring to the process he took over Fenerbahce, Itoudis said:

    “I had one more year with CSKA Moscow when the offer was first received. But there were some problems both in the country (Russia) and in our club at the time the offer came. Players started to leave. I never thought that I had to leave there because everything was going on. But the ship was a little slow. I didn’t want to be the first to jump as captain when I felt it was starting to sink and I continued as much as I could. But when such an offer came, I talked to CSKA management and we evaluated it. They also respected it. I am very honored for my experience and success there. The offer from Fenerbahce is a great deal for me. It was an offer, I am honorable. I am someone who is always chasing new paths, new excitements and new achievements.”