Training children for Pete’s diploma in Langedijk: “Jumping on roofs, running over beams”

Parcels, Pieten, gingerbread nuts and of course Sinterklaas. Once again this year, Museum BroekerVeiling has been chosen by the good saint as the location of his warehouse. In the run-up to Pakjesavond, training is conducted there on all the necessary qualities that a Piet must have. To give all aspiring Petes the opportunity to reach that level, they can go to Broek op Langedijk.

The training to become a real Pete is located in the warehouse. All the qualities a Piet needs can be honed there. Sinterklaas himself also comes to take a look. “My Pieten are absolutely great, but they can always do better,” he says.

The museum’s lounges have been transformed into a training course with games. “Jumping on roofs and running over beams,” Piet sums up in front of the media partner’s camera Regional city Central. “We do a lot to improve our fitness.”