Train traffic in Boxtel resumes, damage to the track appears not to be too bad

Trains on the Boxtel – Tilburg route will run again on Friday morning. ProRail reports that the damage was not too bad after an extensive inspection and that the track was reopened around eight o’clock. It is expected that trains will run again according to the timetable from half past eight.

Due to a collision between a train and a horse trailer at a railway crossing near Boxtel, train traffic between Boxtel and Tilburg was suspended until eight o’clock on Friday morning. ProRail expressed the expectation that there would be disruption for days afterwards. But that now turns out not to be so bad.

“An extensive inspection was carried out last night, which showed that the damage was not too bad. The damage to the sleepers is so minor that it poses no safety risk. The track can therefore be used again,” reports a ProRail spokesperson.

Recovery during the nights
The railway crossing was repaired last night. The damage to the sleepers does not need to be repaired in the short term and will happen at night when no trains are running.

The track was damaged after a loose horse trailer was hit by a train in Boxtel on Thursday. The driver of the car was seriously injured. One of the two horses in the trailer died.

View the images here after the accident, emergency services came into action while travelers waited on the train.