Futures trading is often referred to as the “premier class of trading”, because these financial instruments enable exorbitant price gains in a very short time. But you don’t have to be a pro to get into futures trading. Stefan Fröhlich, head of the in-house Trading Academy at WH SelfInvest, explains to you in a practical way Online seminar on November 29 at 6 p.m which futures are available and which are suitable for active trading.

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    Investors who want to trade more than just shares or buy products such as funds and certificates ready-made by banks and other corporations should take a closer look at the opportunities offered by options and futures trading. Because futures are possibly one of the most suitable instruments for investors and traders.

    Futures are very easy to understand and all futures markets operate on the same pattern. Also, they offer you a wide range of underlying assets including indices, oil, gold, forex. Stefan Fröhlich gives in Online seminar on November 29 at 6 p.m Tips on how futures can be used effectivelyto actively manage existing portfolios of stocks, bonds or commodities.

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    But what are the risks and how can they be secured and controlled? If you are looking for futures trading information, tips and tricks, you will find the Online seminar on November 29 at 6 p.m Learn everything you need to know from a seasoned pro before venturing into the futures jungle. Find out how you can achieve very good returns with sophisticated risk management. Finally, there is also a strategy for supplementing existing portfolios.

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    Professional trader Stefan Fröhlich

    Stefan Happy is a graduate savings bank business economist and a nationally and internationally sought-after speaker (including Trading Expo London) on the subject of trading systems and trading software. He has been in sales at WH SelfInvest for 12 years and is head of the in-house Trading Academy. He is also the inventor of the so-called “happy factor” and, with his 40 years of professional experience, works as a coach in seminars and lectures in order to pass on his extensive specialist knowledge to other traders. As a specialist in the use of the NanoTrader, he is able to combine its special functionalities with the general rules of technical analysis. This experience has given him new ideas for his personal trading decisions, from which all participants will benefit.

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