Trabzonspor victory comment from Volkan Demirel! I didn’t even think for 1 minute

Hatayspor and Trabzonspor faced each other in the 6th week of Trendyol Super League. Hatayspor defeated its opponent 3-2 in the match where it fell behind 2-0.

Hatayspor coach Volkan Demirel evaluated the victory after the match.


Volkan Demirel: “We analyzed Trabzonspor well. Trabzonspor only tries to go to the goal by pumping long balls and taking the second balls. We knew that they would fall physically after the 65th minute. I didn’t think we would lose even for a moment.”

“Everyone should thank this team. Some of them are away from their families. Some of them stay in the facilities. We don’t have a field. We don’t have a facility. We don’t have anything. But no matter who we play with, we have shown that we are a team that plays enjoyable football and should be respected.”

“We are very full. What we went through, what happened. I get emotional when talking about it. Today, I tried to call the players’ training field at 12:00. I arrived at the hotel at 16:00. There are a lot of unknowns, but I don’t want to upset people by telling them. This team deserves a lot. ” He used his expressions.