Trabzonspor Coach Abdullah Avcı evaluated his Basel victory! Turkey’s team is…

At the press conference held after the match, Avcı stated that they went through the days when technique and tactics did not come into play much, and said, “The match made our country feel very good in terms of spirituality. Trabzonspor was the only team that Turkey loved.” said.

Expressing that it is great to see club presidents and fans from all teams in the match, Avcı continued as follows:

“It is great to see the club presidents who come here, those who support them from everywhere on social media, Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray, Beşiktaş, Malatya, Adıyaman jerseys and the flag in the stands. I have always expressed this. I have pronounced it for years. Football has the power to heal and unite. As of today, everyone’s team.” “A start has been made with Trabzonspor. Games will be played, won, lost. Competition and respect will contribute to Turkish football. It makes me happy, as the coach of this team, that there is a start in Trabzon today. I hope the process begins where everyone respects each other.”

Congratulating his players, Avcı said, “They did not lose their concentration from the beginning to the end of the match, they remained loyal to the discipline and the game. We did not place any positions other than 1 position in the first half. We have 5-6 clear positions where the goalkeeper stepped in. We could have broken it here today.” made its assessment.

Avcı stated that the concentration will be high in the competition they will play a week later and said, “We are happy if we were able to turn people’s faces from the process the country is going through and make them smile a little. This makes me happy. We want to be one of the 16 teams in the history of Trabzonspor in Europe. Thank you to the fans. Club presidents, I pay my respects to the people who came running here. said.

On a question about Marek Hamsik’s future, Avcı said, “We will chat with Hamsik tomorrow, about his future and the decisions he will make. We want to take advantage of him in every way. We will sit down and talk tomorrow. He is also working quickly. It may be better in terms of return.” he said.

Noting that they will play a friendly match in Europe after the Basel match, Avcı said, “Germany is the place where the Turks live, where the Turks are devastated. We will play a special match for the earthquake victims. We will pass there from Basel, play the match and return to Turkey.” said.