Touring car rams arrow car, passengers and road workers escape unscathed

A coach collided with a so-called arrow car on the A27 from Breda to Gorinchem on Friday night. The accident happened near Sleeuwijk. The front of the bus is to smithereens. There were about forty passengers in the coach. “Miraculously, they were not injured,” said a 112 correspondent.

The accident happened around half past five at night. How it could have gone wrong is being investigated.

‘Road workers just had a break’
The arrow truck was on the A27 due to road works.

“The dozen or so road workers who were working on the highway were just taking a break when the accident happened,” says the 112 correspondent. “So they weren’t on the highway. They were very lucky!”

Kitchen shack
After the accident, the passengers of the bus were accommodated in the road workers’ shed. It happened to be close to where the accident happened.

Due to the damage on the road, a diversion has been set up. Traffic heading from Breda to South Holland is routed via Waalwijk, over the A59, the A2 and the A15.