Torino-Fiorentina 0-0, Ricci and Juric sent off

Marchetti was the negative protagonist of the match: he invented Ricci’s expulsion at the end of the 1st half. Zapata’s goal was disallowed at VAR. Ilic suffers a knee injury

From our correspondent Mario Pagliara

March 2, 2024 (changed at 11.23pm) – TURIN

It’s a draw that smacks of mockery for Toro, because until the referee Marchetti “allowed” him to play eleven against eleven he dominated the scene. Coming close to taking the lead on at least three occasions (with Vlasic and on two occasions with Sanabria). The scoreless against Fiorentina is also, and perhaps above all, the result of yet another embarrassing refereeing in this championship. Referee Marchetti with the collaboration of Sozza al VAR cancels a goal from Zapata, but above all he literally invents Ricci’s expulsion in the 45th minute which forces Juric’s team to play with ten men for the entire second half.

Terracciano gets there

Juric immediately loses Ivan Ilic at the start: after seven minutes the Serbian gets the worst of the fight with Biraghi. The Granata midfielder was too “soft”, his right knee twisted and was immediately forced to be replaced. Ricci takes over, Ilic’s condition will be assessed tomorrow with knee tests. There is a risk of a bad injury. In the same action, Bellanova on the run is mowed down by Ranieri and here begins referee Marchetti’s forgettable Saturday evening: Ranieri is completely uninterested in the ball, mows down Bellanova on the run. The yellow card appears to be a reductive sanction. The match isn’t brilliant, but Toro plays the first half hour with greater conviction. Zapata is overwhelming in a free descent (18′), which ends with a diagonal shot just wide. A minute later, a great opportunity for Vlasic served by Bellanova: the conclusion is very angled, Terracciano reaches it with an open hand. Juric’s team presses, in the 21st minute Ricci passes a ball to Sanabria who misses the impact with the ball, missing a penalty on the move. Fiorentina responded with Nico’s header (25′) wide, while Sanabria incredibly slipped in front of Terracciano, devouring a potential goal-scoring ball.

referee madness

At minute thirty-eight the protagonists become the referee Marchetti on the pitch and his colleague Sozza at the VAR. We start from the goal disallowed by Zapata: Milinkovc shoots long, Zapata grazes Milenkovic with his running hands who falls to the ground while Duvan shoots towards goal and finds the opening goal. After a long check, Marchetti goes to the monitor called by Sozza and punishes Zapata’s push, a push like many in the league, canceling the goal. Seven minutes later, however, the refereeing goes haywire. 45th minute: Ricci clashes with Nico, opening his arms in flight and the referee punishes him with a first yellow card. Two minutes later the race director’s mistake. Arthur commits a very bad foul on Ricci (the Viola midfielder is booked): Ricci gets up from the ground asking for a sanction for Arthur and instead we incredibly see the second yellow card printed on his nose. Once again penalized by the referees, Toro goes to the locker room with ten men.

the heart

At the beginning of the second half, Juric takes action by inserting Gineitis in place of Sanabria, Fiorentina returns without Arthur (there is Maxime Lopez) and without Beltran (there is Barak). With ten against eleven, Toro tries to throw their heart over the obstacle: a gallop from Bellanova (7′) seriously challenges Terracciano who saves himself in the corner. Italian removes a defender (Ranieri) for a midfielder (Mandragora). In the 18th minute Milinkovic made a good save on Bonaventura’s close but central header from Nico Gonzalez’s cross. Toro does not suffer from numerical inferiority and only for a matter of centimeters does not head the possible one-nil shot (26′). In the final, a gladiatorial Zapata comes out to make room for Pellegri, and there is room for Nzola in place of Bonaventura. In the final, the embarrassing refereeing turns the match into a bullfight between the benches and produces a red card for Juric and a warning for Italiano.