Topi Rönni, accused of rape, returns to Tappara

According to Tappara, the mere suspicion of a crime does not justify terminating the employment relationship.

Topi Rönni is accused of rape. Jaakko Stenroos/AOP

Tappara announces that he is accused of rape Rönnin’s top to the action of the returning team.

Rönni has been on the sidelines of Tappara’s activities since mid-October, when the information about the rape charge brought against him became public.

The district court will hear the case in March next year. Tappara will inform about Rönni’s return to the team today, Monday.

– It is good to remember that in Finland, the judiciary has the power to judge and the presumption of innocence is an essential part of both human rights and Finnish legal principles. We now let the judiciary do its work in peace, CEO of Tamhockey Mika Aro says Tappara in the press release.

Aro says that the team expects good behavior from all its employees.

– However, from the point of view of labor legislation, the situation is clear: suspicion of a crime is not a reason for terminating an employment relationship or moving an employee aside. We take the suspected crime seriously, but we are waiting for the court hearing and will assess the player’s position only after that, says Aro.

Returning to Tappara’s activities does not automatically mean that Rönni will play in the team’s ranks. The decision made now enables training and other side activities with the team.